Design & Manufacturing

CNC Precision Milled

Our putters are CNC precision milled from high-grade 303 stainless steel billets by a veteran master machinist. A total of nine manufacturing operations are required to create a beautiful, custom putter to the highest tolerances only attainable from CNC precision machining. Final assembly is performed by a veteran club maker of 30 years.

25 Years of Study & Research

Bell Putters have combined feedback from golf professionals, metals experts on 303 Stainless Steel, CNC machinists and golfers at all levels of skill. All putters are personally inspected during production and final assembly to ensure the highest level of perfection, tolerances, and appearance.  All aspects of manufacturing are skillfully performed here in Nebraska. Final assembly performed in Columbus, Nebraska, by a veteran clubmaker.


We periodically are asked to make a unique putter.  Given time available, we will fabricate a putter to your specifications. You can expect a "Onesie" to cost from $175–$400 depending on machine time and design requirements.