Please select desired putter length during putter check-out.  Customer is provided several length options at check-out at no added cost to the customer.

The standard length and other length options for all Bell Putters is listed below.

34″ — Standard Length for Two-Way, Half-Offset, Full-Offset, Non-Offset and Upright Lie Putters.  Options are 32" to 40" putter length.

38" -- Standard Length for Mid-Length Putters.  Options are 36" to 42" putter length.

43" -- Standard Length for Long Face-On and Side Saddle Putters.  Options are 41" to 48" putter length.

On Bell Putters our customers have many length options available at check-out at no additional charge. 

We are often asked about putter length on Long Face-On "Broomstick" Putters and Side Saddle putters.  Generally most golfers at Six foot tall order putters at 46" to 47" lengths.