To request a customized order please send an email to Dave or call Bell Putters at 402-563-3722. Customers will be invoiced through Bell Putters Paypal account for additional charges when approved by the customer.

Putter Lengths

The standard length for all Bell Putters (except for the Bell Long Side-SaddlePutter) is 34″ with lengths up to 38″ available. 
Special requests for half-inch lengths (32.5″ to 38.5″) are available on request at no added charge.

34″ — Standard Length unless change requested

No Added Charge

The Long Side Saddle (Face-On) Putter Length Options 
The standard length for these putters is 43″ with lengths up to 48″ available.

43″  Standard Length unless change requested

40″– 48″
No Added Charge